A Portion Of Our Sales Will Be Donated To Breast Cancer Awareness, Research & Resources!

Here's where we started...

In May of 2017, I was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer. I was devastated, trying to figure out how I would manage to juggle life, as a mom of 4 kids, a wife, and a full-time career. Now added to the hustle and bustle was navigating chemo, multiple surgeries, and a host of seemly never-ending medications and side effects.


In my quest to find some rest and relaxation in the midst of it all I stumbled on a fascinating hobby making candles. What I had discovered is instead of finding a little relaxation, I had now found a way to relax for hours and hours through the art of a “Lighted Candle and Intoxicating Fragrances”.


By creating an awesome experience of “Fragrances Forever” for myself and those that needed to relax I had found the “Sweet Spot” on how to relax! This hobby has now turned into an amazing passion.


10% of all sales are donated to the breast cancer community to help with awareness, care and relaxation.

 Diamond Melts founder